You can't get there from here.... 

Chapter 1


What had he been thinking about? Again.


How many times had he asked himself that of late when he found himself blankly staring off with no train chugging along behind whatever thoughts he might have been having before he ran off the track.

 Right. That was it, he remembered. He had just been thinking about the things he was too frequently forgetting lately. But then he wondered why had he been thinking about that.  And then he forgot what he was thinking about again. It was omething that had been happening to him over and over recently.

 “Try to think!” he told himself.

 But it didn’t help at all. Oh, just a minute. Maybe it had.  And sure enough he had it again. He found himself holding the thread once more. Albeit loosely.

 Here’s what he had been thinking “I had better write this all down before I forget it again”.

 Then about four minutes later he snapped back into actively thinking and thought he might not remember it all and he stopped thinking, again. Dead in the water. He remembered that from his time spent in the Navy. On a ship, that frequently went dead in the water. Sort of like his thinking had been doing. Because that’s how he had been thinking lately. Think about it, one think leads to another and before you know it you aren’t even thinking about that anymore.

That thought made him laugh.

 But after the chuckle he was still wondering and worrying about what it was that he had been thinking about so hard. Something of enough import that it had compelled him to pick up a notebook of lined paper he had received as a gift so many years ago, dust it off  and start writing. Before he forgot. He stared at the notebook in his hand noticing how all of the words written in his own handwriting filled the page and suddenly remembered that he was going to tell the whole damn story before he forgot it. Again.

 Right. The story. What story was that?

 His own story.

 But he had already forgot where to start. © Randy Crawford 2013